Branded Tees

11 Reasons Why

1. Company T-Shirts Leave a Lasting Impression
When you send a mail-out, people will probably just toss it without looking. Be honest with yourself, do you really open the letters from a credit card company and read everything? Probably not. But if they had a shirt? They would probably wear it. And if they wear it, not only are they seeing your brand, but other people will see your brand as well! And not just once, but every time they wear it. So, you went from a one-time visual to having your product in front of potential customers for weeks or even years to come.

2. It Gets Seen
People tend to ignore billboards, signs, and many other advertisements. A lot of that has to do with “selective attention.” It's the reason a person driving towards you at 80 mph doesn't get distracted by a squirrel. We can filter information out and ignore anything that is not immediately important. So, how do you make sure your message gets remembered? By using the principles of visual hierarchy. We tend to notice things that are big before things that are small. We are more likely to remember things that move compared to things that are still. And most of all, we notice other people. So, if you put your message on a person, then it will have a much bigger visual impact than the same message at the same size on a poster. And if you can get your message on someone with a following, whether that be online, in person, or a mixture of the two, then your message will be seen as even more credible!

3. Boosts Employee Morale
Branded t-shirts are not just for marketing! You can use them to build morale as well. Morale goes up when individual employees see themselves as part of a cohesive unit. A comfortable shirt with a logo might be simple, but it can lead to the employee feeling like they “fit in.” It puts everyone on the same level, letting them focus on things other than apparel. But you don't have to use them just for uniforms! One amazing use for branded shirts is as a reward. From a simple “employee of the month” shirt to a team order for breaking a company record, branded t-shirts can engage your employees. And if they feel a sense of accomplishment, they are more likely to wear the shirts to places other than work, which can drive more interest.

4. Helps People Feel Connected to Your Brand
There are two kinds of branded items. The first is the “uniform,” with a logo on the left chest and the same logo larger on the back. The other is the “eye catcher.” These are the designs that make people stop and read them. They are interesting, and has an energy. BOTH kinds of shirts have their uses! And you can mix the two. But for the eye catcher, if it does not feel like a branded shirt, then non-employees will be more willing to wear them in public. A funny joke, flowing design, or energetic graphic is more interesting for your trip to town than just a logo. If you feel that the shirt shows who you are, then you are more willing to wear it. So, get an interesting design that doesn't just show who you are, get one that shows who you are!

5. It’s Three Dimensional
As good as our culture’s technology is, it isn't the same as having a physical object. A web graphic, email, or ad just doesn't leave as long of a lasting impression than a tangible object. A 3D object will always be more precious than something that feels, smells, and tastes the same as every other object (seriously, don't lick your shirt... or your phone). By having something physical, you are more cognitive of it.  You have to move it. Use it. Wash it. Interact with it. That makes it more important than any simple web graphic.

6. Cost-Effective
Depending on what you get, it can be very cost effective! From cheap t-shirts to water bottles and even something unusual, costs are usually low. The per-item cost is usually much cheaper than the same unbranded item from a retail store. And since it is custom, you don't have to worry about a store adding stocking fees. When you see a store selling a t-shirt, they are not only paying for the shirt, they are paying for the item to be stocked, paying for shelf space, paying the cashier, etc. By making your own shirts, you can cut out the “middleman,” keeping your cost down, but giving you the same great product, but with your design!

7.  Year-to-Year Exposure
Consumers who keep promotional items use promotional items. And since they keep those items for an average of two years, that is a lot of exposure. If it’s a good quality t-shirt, it will last longer and get better with age. And since getting employees to wear your shirt is super easy, if they have multiple, they are more likely to wear them outside of work as well.

8. Hard to Misplace

Where did you put that business card that you got from the conference two years ago? Is it in your wallet, or the bottom of a drawer? Yeah, I'm sure you know where it is. But if they had given you a shirt, you would know exactly where it is. So, if you give shirts out, you know that it won't be misplaced easily. And unlike a pile of paper, a shirt has to be actively tossed. You don't just "accidentally" toss a t-shirt, and since there is an implied value, consumers are more reluctant to throw it away.

9. Great for Expanding Your Business Into New Markets
If you are looking to move into new markets, or offer a new product, then a t-shirt is a great way to let your customers know. Small business get a lot of exposure from word of mouth and local events, and t-shirts are a great way to get your news out without having to rely on targeted ads or large, expensive banners/billboards. And for larger companies, a t-shirt campaign can drive more visitors by requiring potential brand advocates to visit a website/brick and mortar location to pick up the shirt. Offer a giveaway, or promotional, and not only will your customer be willing to wear a shirt that shows your new market, but also gets them more engaged by getting them into your store.

10. Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Bob is a cool guy. He has helped me with fixing my car, and I think he has a lot of cool stuff to say. And If I was to see Bob wearing a shirt, then I would associate the company with the way Bob acts over time. Same goes for strangers. If you see a cool shirt, you will associate the brand to that shirt. Over time, all these little references and exposures leads to brand recognition.  

11. Creative Way to Mark Your Business
How will you get your shirts into the hands of the people you want to target? Yes, you can just give them to people at random, but a great way to do it is to target the potential consumer. Instead of giving away shirts at a random gas station, a better way is to have them specifically made for an event. An industry expo, a local festival, or even an in-store event can be great for exposure.  That way, you can be sure that the people who are most likely to be in your core demographic will be able to get the shirt!

Custom Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a decorating process that involves using a mesh screen with a pattern on it to place a layer of wet ink on an item, then drying that ink with a high heat oven. After drying, you are left with a durable, flexible layer with your pattern on it! By using multiple layers, we can add different colors and do even more complex designs.

Why Choose Chameleon?

Oh! This one is simple. Chameleon has over 25 years experience in screen printing. We have worked with all kinds of customers, from multi-national corporations, to small family reunions and local businesses. We have manual and automatic presses, and have just updated our machines to stay on the cutting edge of our field.

How Many Shirts Can I Order?

The sky is the limit! The minimum number of items is 12, but there is no maximum. No matter your order size, Chameleon can help you.

What is the Process?

Once you reach out to us, we start working on your design. You can send us an exact design, some ideas, or we can work with you to create a design from scratch. After your order is approved, we send the design to production, and they decorate the items.

How Long Will It Take?

Most orders go out between 5-7 business days from the time the product goes into production. Some orders may take longer due to product shortages/Covid-19 shipping delays, but we will do our best to get it to you within that time frame.